Welcome to Ninky London

Hi there, I'm Lily, the creator of Ninky London. 💖 Not long ago, I envisioned a brand that merges fashion with pure joy. I couldn't resist pursuing this dream, and now, Ninky London stands as a beacon of happiness and sustainable style in the swimwear scene.

I founded Ninky to not only offer fantastic clothing but to foster a community where everyone is motivated to pursue what truly brings them joy, just as I have. I'm living proof that following your happiness is rewarding, and I encourage you all to take the leap too!

Dive into our debut collection, where vibrant and playful designs meet eco-friendliness. Lovingly handmade in Bali, every item is crafted from materials recycled from plastic bottles, aligning with our commitment to a happier planet. Sounds awesome, doesn't it?

We genuinely hope that our creations add a dose of happiness to your day. For those keen on joining a vibrant community of joy seekers and wellness enthusiasts, catch up with us on social media via the 'Get In Touch' section. Happy shopping! 👇

Everything we produce is with laughter, joy and fun in mind ('cause this is what I'm all about).

My dream for Ninky is to not only produce fabulous products, but also to inspire and encourage people to follow their dreams and do more of what makes them happy. I've pursued my dream.. and as a result, I'm happier and more fulfilled. If I can do it... so can everyone else!

Ninkys first collection is a bright and playful sustainable swimwear range which has been hand made in Bali. All products are made from materials that been made out of recycled plastic bottles - very kewel hey!

We hope it brings you as much joy as it brings us. 💖

If you want to join our community of happy-makers and wellness seekers - follow us on our socials in the 'Get In Touch' section.

Enjoy shopping 👇

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